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Istanbul - Turkey (Dry)

Guest Nathan0430

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Guest Nathan0430

Front Wing: 3
Rear Wing: 1

Balance- 52-48%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Small

Ballast: 50-50%
Front Anit-Roll Bar: 6
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 2

Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 1
Front Spring Stiffness: 8
Rear Spring Stiffness: 8

Gear 1- 90 mph/145 kph
Gear 2- 111 mph/179 kph
Gear 3- 131 mph/211 kph
Gear 4- 152 mph/244 kph
Gear 5- 174 mph/280 kph
Gear 6- 196 mph/316 kph
Gear 7- 220 mph/354 kph

Throttle Map: Fast

Camber Front: -1.50
Camber Rear: -3.50
Toe Front: 0.05
Toe Rear: 0.20

I ran a 1:21.806 in Time Trial but i know it can do a 1:21.5 because ive done it multiple times in sprint mode...let me know how it works.

P.S. this was done with MEDIUM TC and NO ABS, tire wear and fuel sim to off.


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Guest Nathan0430

i use a controller for now but will have my hands on a wheel soon. i have done countless laps around every track so ive figured out a balance with the controller, med traction control is perfect for the controller.

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Guest Nakata

This is just absurd.
I made on qualy 1.30 time started at POL position for the race.
Vetel is 2nd at 1.31.5...

I'm stuck on this circuit ,hardly finished in top 10 .
In the first lap, i made 1,28. time .Vetel was behind me with 1.28 too.
But in the 3 rd lap Vetel poped at 1.25.5...??? This is just a second at the Record Lap of Montoya . 1.24.....
So both qualy and race are pure dry. : 1.31.. at qualy and 1.25.... race ..LOL.
Finaly i managed to finish 9 and Hamilton 14 on the MINUTE time behind Vetel?
The race is on Hard carrier.
I tried all setups posted in here for this race and nothing....
After 3rd lap i cant even see on the map first 3-4 guys.
My best lap was 1.26.8 after several restarts.
Is this AI failing? bcos its kinda wierd starting at POL and Vetel just passes through me like an airplane?

NOTE: I don't use wheel only keyboard .ABS full ,traction control tried all.

Any1 has an idea why this is happening with their times?

Edited by Nakata
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Setup 1 makes the car feel a bit heavy and sluggish in the corners, particularly the tighter 1st and 2nd gear ones. Balance and suspension needs tweaking. TIME: 1:22.757

Setup 2 feels better through the corners but has a tendency to overrev on the exits of slower corners. Gear ratios need tweaking. TIME: 1:21.092

Stig's setup, combining both setups here with tweaks where needed. Will post setup here if needed. TIME: 1:20.129

These laps were done during career practice session on PROFESSIONAL mode. No driver aides, no ABS, no TCS. Fuel and tyre sim both ON.

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