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F1 2017 Feature List


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Career Mode:

- Whole skill tree-type system where you choose an overall direction for your team, not just individual parts upgrades 
- Engine Failures are in the game
- You can use up to around 15 of each part, but you will get penalised
- You can go back to using old units or old parts
- You have to look for your Engine 
- You can use No. 1 if you win the Title
- You can change your Number and Helmet anytime during the Season
- Rose water instead of champaign on the Podium
- The session times in Career are fixed to the real session times.
- 10 Seasons for Career mode
- You can choose your Teammate in Career
- You can have more than one Career save
- AI drivers in career mode take engine penalties and have faliures in practice and qualifying
- You can't skip Practice in Career. You have to work on upgrades and manage mileage and wear and tear on engine and gearbox
- You can choose a Female driver
- A bunch of new Helmet designs were added, some created through a competition they ran
- Career invitational events for Historic Cars
- Added 2 new R&D Programms and changed one. Lift and Coast is one of them in the game. Lee Mathers: "I've been enjoying having to manage the engine and gearbox. Requires planning and thought. I also love the fuel test Practice Programme."
- A team interest bar for contract time has been added, which shows you the level of interest in acquiring your Talents


- 20 Drivers for Multiplayer + 2 more Slots for Spectators added
- You can drive all the Historic cars online but can't do a mix of Current gen and old Gen cars
- Historic Cars won't have the option to equal performence
- You can use Historic cars in any Mode (Time Trial, Quick Race etc.)
- Savable Championship Mode
- Online Lag seems to be gone (Where one car hits you while you drive Side-By-Side)


- Debry will lay on the Track and effect the driver
- You can get a puncture if you drive over debry
- Improved Weathersystem (More unpredictable)
- There's an additional high power qualifying mode, besides the standard 3 Engine Modes
- AI are very racy and can get very close to the player, last minute overtakes, chasing the slipstream or trying to break it
- No collisions in the pit lane
- Semi Manual Pitstops (Push Pitlimiter, hit the Clutch before releasing the car)
- Rear tethers are in
- Car to car collision is massively improved
- No DLC plans for additional Cars or Tracks
- There's a difficulty slider in 2017 which goes up to 110%.
- TrackRl is supported
- Surface grip levels have been adjusted, and some kerbs has been remodeled 
- The track rubber increases as the session goes on
- New Tracks has been added to the game, 4 alternate routes and Monaco at night
- Cars will be update to Silverstone status post release
- Williams will not have Martini as a Sponsor for Pegi 3 reasons
- PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will do 4K and HDR with a compatible TV. Xbox One S will do HDR.
- After the 18th of October you can purchase the MP 4/4 from the relevant online store

PC Exclusive:
- Photo mode for PC only where you can take advantage from the 4K to take great pictures of your car, the track, focusing on the crowd, tweaking with filters etc.

Historic Cars list:

  • Williams FW14B
  • Ferrari F2002
  • Red Bull RB6
  • McLaren MP4/4 (day-one exclusive)
  • Ferrari 412 T2
  • Ferrari F2004
  • Ferrari F2007
  • 1988 McLaren MP4/4
  • 1991 McLaren MP4/6
  • 1998 McLaren MP4-13
  • 2008 McLaren MP4-23

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