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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia (Dry)

Guest UtterCriminal

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Guest UtterCriminal

I have been playing aroundon this track (I HATE IT BY THE WAY!) try this setup and let me know if it helps:

Front Wing Angle: 11
Rear Wing Angle: 1

Balance: F 51% - R 49%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Small

Ballast Distribution: F 0% - R 100%
Front Anti-roll Bar: 11
Rear Anti-roll Bar: 11

Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 1
Front Spring Stiffness: 11
Rear Spring Stiffness: 1

Gear 1: 145 kph
Gear 2: 165 kph
Gear 3: 194 kph
Gear 4: 228 kph
Gear 5: 264 kph
Gear 6: 310 kph
Gear 7: 347 kph

Throttle map: Standard
Fuel: N/A

Camber front: -1.50
Camber rear: -3.40
Toe front: 0.11
Toe rear: 0.26

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I don't know if anyone else was able to go faster with UtterCriminal's setup, but I am at least 0.7 seconds or more slower per lap with it, the car's rear end just doesn't want to stay planted. It is definitely not a driveable setup. As for James' setup, it's good, but with the gear ratios as they are my car doesn't usually touch 7th gear, which I think is a waste of the gear. So I'm going to try a different gear ratio setup, but otherwise I use James' setup.

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Guest orpmi

I could try UtterCriminal's setup maybe tomorrow. And by the way UtterCriminal, I hate that track too! But I'll let you know can I beat lap times with your setup.

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Guest orpmi
Hey Orpmi,

did you get a chance to try the setup?


Yes, I tried your setup. But didn't make a better time. I think car turned to corners better but lost some high speed.
I tried only couple laps, maybe should drive more.
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james, for some reason my car is taking too long to brake... probably cause i dont have brake size "high" unlocked yet... also uttercriminal setup fails alot because of the diference in numbers, dont even need to test to know car wont turn well with that front wing. my advice would me putting brake balance on F51 and R49.

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I have talked to a few ppl that still play 2010. Including me. I haven't gotten 12 yet, but I have had 11 for a few weeks but I still love '10. Cars just seem to respond better for me.

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Just to make a quick comment on the setup given above

The rear is very loose under hard braking and most of the times I went off I damaged the car or made contact with a driver I would recommend changing the rear setup

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Hi all,

Since I'm perhaps the ony one playing F1 2010 here is my setup:


Car: Lotus, Career mode



Front Wing: 7

Rear Wing: 5



Balance: F-R: 48/52%

Pressure: High



F-R: 40-60%

Front Anti-roll Bar:5

Rear Anti-roll Bar: 7



Front Ride hight: 2

Rear Ride Hight: 2

Front Spring Stiffness:5

Rear Spring Stiffness: 6



1: 132 kph

2: 164 kph

3: 195 kph

4: 228 kph

5: 261 kph

6: 295 kph

7: 331 kph



Throttle map: Standart



Camber front: -1.2

Camber rear: -3.2

Toe front: 0,10

Toe rear: 0.35 


I'm using Logitech G27 Wheel with manual transmission and the car seems to be glued to the track.

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I'm a bit new to setups, but this is what I found that works for the Toro Rosso Redbull with a G27



Font Wing Angle: 4

Rear Wing Angle: 3



Balance: 50% 

Pressure: High

Brake Size: Large



Ballast Position: FR: 40% RR: 60%

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11



Front Ride Height:11

Rear Ride Height: 1

Front Spring Stiffness: 11

Rear Spring Stiffness: 11



Gear 1: 132 KPH

Gear 2: 164 KPH

Gear 3: 195 KPH

Gear 4: 228 KPH

Gear 5: 264 KPH

Gear 6: 301 KPH

Gear 7: 337 KPH



Camber Front: -1.20

Camber Rear: -3.20

Toe Front: 0.10

Toe Rear: 0.35



a.) Wing angle may need to be tweaked for the straights

b.) Have only tested on 50% & 20% race distance

c.) Brakes may need to be adjusted depending on your preferred style of driving/braking.


So far a fairly stable setup...

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