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The Return of a Pole to F1...

Szymon Opaliński

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Finally after 7 years, a polish driver returns to F1! Szymon Opalinski, born in the northwest city of Szczecin on the 8th of December of 1999 debuts behind the wheel of a F1 car at the age of 17 years, 3 months and 16 days. The young pole was signed by Force India to replace the departing Hülkenberg after impressing in the lower categories. He currently is the second driver to Sergio ''Checo'' Pérez. Here is his first season in Formula One:

Rolex Australian Grand Prix (24-26 March)


FP1: P18 FP2: P16 FP3: P8

After getting familiar with the car in FP1 and 2 he shows his talent with a good performance in FP3


Q1: P7 Q2: P12 Q3: -

Solid performance in Q1 however got blocked by Romain Grosjean on the final lap of Q2. Shit happens.

Race: P5 

Brilliant performance! After getting 4 positions back during the first lap, a SC was called out on lap 7 after Stoffel Vandoorne retired from the race. During the race restart, sitting in P8 behind Daniel Ricciardo he hit the back of the aussie damaging his front wing. His engineer presented him with an option to pit straight away for a set of fresh Ultrasofts and new front wing or stay out for 5 laps more and keep the current plan of starting on Supersofts and then pitting on lap 13 for a set of Soft tyres. He chose the latter and rejoined in P17. A brilliant recovery drive to P8 at lap 20 when disaster struck yet again, the DRS failed while the pole was under attack from Kimi Räikkonen. Thanks to saving fuel under SC there was extra onboard and so he could compensate by using Mix 3. Later Max Verstappen retired promoting him to P7. On lap 27 he caught up with Hülkenberg and Checo overtaking them both on the same lap. Yet again brilliant performance by the rookie!

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