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Today Codemasters have given an update to the issues users have been reporting.


Hi all,

Just wanted to give you all an update on where we are. Firstly, some of you will have seen the test patch we released on Sunday on PC, in order to address the DSQ issue in multiplayer (if you haven't seen this, you can go and read the thread here). This patch is going live on all platforms as soon as possible: PS4 and PC will be today, Xbox One will follow shortly.

Secondly, we're aiming to release another patch to address the bigger issues you've been reporting to us. We're aiming for this to come in the next couple of days, but I'll update further when I have more information on when exactly that's due to go live. After that's gone live, we're looking to get some more patches out to you to solve the issues you're reporting to us.

In the meantime, please keep reporting issues in the Technical Assistance forum. We are listening, and we are reading and logging everything you tell us, so if you experiencing something that doesn't feel right, please let us know.

Thank you, and thanks for your patience.


 image.png image.pngimage.png


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