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Lap times

Markus Gregson

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Can someone explain why teammates always out qualify me by 2 tenths of a second. I'm running on difficulty level 89. I've even lowered the level to 75. I've cut corners without being penalised just to make my lap time fast lol. But no matter what I do or try Alonso is always quicker than me by about 2 tenths some times even a second. Do nt wanna lower the level anymore as it then becomes far to easy under level 80 when it's race day. Kinda need help to understand what is going on with the ai. I did out qualify Alonso in China ìn quali 1 but came in and then went back out. By end of quali 1 Alonso had beat my time by 2 tenths. (I was a second faster in first stint than alonso) I seriously don't get it at all

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