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Thrustmaster 458 Italia Spider Wheel Setup?

Ed Brown


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i asks a similar question on an other site but got no answer since days. a good driver could share perhaps, as i m a newbie/casual gamer. especially the setup on the break could be interesting.

setups for f1 2017 forcefeedback or old wheeel setups for f1 2016 are easy to find. But my old setups don t  work fine.



as far as i know u don t need a steering deadzone, but if u keep your foots on the pedals the hole time a little deadzone especially for breakes could be necessary.

linearity is more an personal thing if u like it more  linear keep it at sero.

saturation shortens only the way pedals and wheel have to go to reach full maximum.


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The old version were very bad with some wheel but starting F1 2016 things are changed and are better.  I used T300 and F1 add on in F1 2016 with default settings, onli change FBB but that is depend on you.  For F1 2017 I did not  make any change on default settings.

Search on youtube " PS4 F1 2017 T300RS setting"

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