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I have noticed another bug on F1 2017. Whilst in career mode, I was racing in china and was P2. There was a safety car that came out. It came out just before passing pit exit but I got passed the safety car before it joined the track and I was told to match delta time and not to stay behind safety car. When kimi (P1) caught up to safety car, it said I was too far back as safety car was a good half a lap ahead of me at least. I was given 30 seconds to catch up but couldn't do it and got a 20 second penalty which costed me a win.
I know there is other bugs but this one I haven't heard off. Has anyone has this issue.
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I never had one of those bugs, but I have become first two times because the AI doesn't switch their tyres when behind the safety car.

They waited till the safety car was gone and the lap after they pitted in to change tyres, logic? Becoming first with a HAAS this way is not very satisfying 😂

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Ok so I now understand what you mean, same thing happened to me just before. Was sitting 4th in Australia first race of the season as Haas with 5 laps to go. Ended up getting 2 drive through penalties, so instead of doing the 2nd one I raged and drove slowly until first place came around the last corner and took him out. 

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