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F1 2017 Do AI actually have tyre wear?


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Yes, the AI seem to have tyre wear, but only very little. The difference with previous games is that you will also have very little tyre wear as well (as in real life, tyre wear is a almost a non issue in this game).


I did a 100% race in Baku yesterday and did my last run on soft where Stroll was a head of me about 5 secs. with supersoft tyres. We pitted roughly the same lap due to wet-to-dry circumstances with 20-25 laps to go. He pulled out a gap of about 10 secs before I started pulling back towards the end of the stint in a similar car (Force India). In the end, I finished 3 seconds behind him.

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The AI tyre wear is mysterious, with most of the races being 1 stop, I thought the races will also be like that but the AI including me have to go for two stops. About the wear, well in russia wet conditions I remember fighting with vettel until lap 48 and then he started to pull back so much that he finished 12 secs behind, maybe wear caught him out as I was struggling to race

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