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Engine Wear -- Career Mode


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Does anyone else still feel that the engine and parts wear is still a little off?

I haven't done a 100% distance season yet. I am wondering if I am getting "charged" 2 laps for every 1 made in Practice.

I'm on my second attempt at a 50% Career, and after Australia race completed showing a total of 17% wear...which is good, but I did the absolute minimum laps in Practice, even only taking 1 lap in each P2 & P3. But surely I should see that amount of wear even after - say - doing the Race Strategy practice session with all 3 available tyres....I am currently going to test this against the 2nd career and see the difference.

I don't know, I guess I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who still feels it's a bit off. I find it to hard to believe that I have to put ALL points into Durability.


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So doing a second 50% career with HAAS to test this issue...and found something else...

C1 (career 1)

After 20 laps P1+2+3+Q total, and 28 laps for rac - 48 laps. 

TotalPower Unit shows:

240 LAP lifespan - 192 laps left - 17% OVR wear


C2 (career 2)

After 26 laps P1+2 total

Total Power Unit shows:

205 LAP lifespan - 179 laps left - 11% OVR wear


All assists and Race settings identical in both C1 & C2....So why in the world are the expected lifespans different? One is 240 and the other is 205?

Going to start a C3 and see if it is also different. Perhaps it is a randomized feature?

Anyone else ever seen/noticed this?

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Well, C3, C4 & C5 were 209.

I suppose I'll just run the AUS race with C2 as well to get a more accurate comparison.

Maybe the Lifespan (lap count) adjusts to my driving style? I have a hard time believing something that complex was coded in. But perhaps it is based off the same logic as the Race Strategy coding for Personalized plans.

I'm no coder. Confusing to me. Will update.



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