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Motorsport Manager Anniversary Patch


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  • Pit Crew

Where has that year gone!!! MM have today realised a patch the the 1 year anniversary, Patch Notes:


• Players can now manage the speed and safety of their pitstops through the new pit crew feature

• Pit crew members have 5 core stats: Tyres, Part Fixing, Refuelling, Front Jack and Rear Jack. Their stat levels determine the speed at which they can perform each task

• Crew members will become fatigued after each race and will need to be placed 'In Recovery' to regain their stamina. Tired crew members are more likely to make mistakes

• As well as time mistakes, there are now new, job-specific pit mistakes: Wrong tyre compound fitted, underfuelled, front and rear jack damage and part fixing red-zone increase

• Catastrophic mistakes are new, rare mistakes that can drastically alter the outcome of a race. There are 2 catastrophic mistakes: Loose wheel and pit fire (only if refuelling is active)

• If a pit fire occurs, there is a chance that the car will be retired from the race. Pit fire retirements can have a psychological impact on the driver

• The pit crew can be automanaged by your mechanics. A mechanic's Pitstop and Concentration stats impact how effectively they will auto-manage your pit crew

• Car cornering stats impacting the simulation have been re-worked to reduce emphasis on the top speed of the engine. This makes low, medium and high cornering speeds more dependant on the Front Wing, Suspension and Rear Wing

• Driver form now has a larger impact in a race weekend's performance. During a race, a driver's form will fluctuate depending on their consistancy stat

• A driver's current form is now displayed on their portrait during the race

• Added a new x12 speed during races

• Added a preference screen for the new x12 speed that allows players to customise when the game automatically slows down to show important events

• Reworked the Tyre Heating chassis stat: Now, a high star rating will cause the temperature gauge to move away from the center slowly, but return quickly

• New Part Design components 

• The mechanic's 'Part Fixing' stat now impacts both raceday part fixes and fixing parts when returning from a race weekend

• Added keyboard shortcuts for engine modes, driving styles and swapping the camera between drivers

• Weight Stripping is now a rule that can be voted in or out per series

• Spec Parts can no longer be weight stripped

• Weight stripping is now banded per series to improve balancing

• Improved saving and loading during a race event

• If autosave is enabled, the game will now save at the end of a race before returning to the frontend

• Pit stop strategy now does not add a fixed amount of time to the pit stops, but instead adds a percentage of the expected time

• Fixed instances where the driver "Sammy White" would appear in the frontend

• New interview questions

• New media messages

• Reworked and rebalanced existing interview and media messages that were not triggering

• New radio messages

• Fixed an issue where the personality traits 'Boring Winner', 'Losing Hope' and 'Top of the World' were not triggering

• The personality trait 'Media Trained' now removes more negative media-related traits if the target driver possesses them

• Fixed a bug where new mechanic hire mails would be blank if the player was unemployed

• Fixed an issue where AI teams would not be charged for mechanic and designer race bonuses

• Fixed a bug where qualifying bonuses would be deducted three times if the series had three-stage qualifying

• Improved how AI cars use the ERS system

• Improved how AI cars refuel during a race

• Improved how AI cars interact during the first lap of the race

• Fixed a bug where temp drivers would retain previous morale debuffs and traits from working with other teams

• Fixed an exploit where the player could press the ERS boost button as it breaks in a pitstop, leading to an infinite boost until the end of the race

• Increased the rate at which drivers and staff improve when influenced by HQ buildings

• Improved the regen system to have more varied 'drivable series'

• Improved the AI team intelligence on when to build a new car part 

• Fixed a bug that was preventing the activation of corner cutting

• UI improvements to front-end menus

• UI improvements to the scouting screen

• When refuelling, the player can now also add fuel in increments of 5 or click to fill the whole tank

• Can now view each team's chassis supplier information from the Choose Team screen

• Fixed an issue where the player couldn't click the 'traits' button in the post-race screen if no new traits had been assigned

• Added the current track and the current layout information to the load setup popup

• New 'Choose Series' screen

• Updated the challenge medal icon

• Optimised the 'Lap Chart' screen performance when loading for the first time

• General performance improvements

• New Personality Traits

• New Achievements

• New tooltips

• The weight stripping reliability to performance ratio is now editable in the Championships.csv ( if set to zero the AI will not use the feature )

• Each series now has 'restricted rules' which are editable in the Championships.csv. A 'restricted' rule can never be voted in by the player or AI in that series

• Championships now handle having between 6 to 12 teams


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