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Online Bug Update


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Hey Guys

Codies have released a statement in how to help with online issues, but are not fixing any more bugs. Fixes will come in next years game.



Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to all of you who’ve sent your feedback in to us with F1 2017. We’ve read and watched all of it, especially with your feedback on multiplayer - we know that some of you have spoken to us a lot about multiplayer, and we just wanted to talk a little bit about this. Behind the scenes we’re doing a lot of work in order to make the multiplayer experience better for you. With this is mind, one of the things you’ll notice us doing is bringing testing processes forward for our next projects, in order that we can take as much of your feedback on board. We’ll be keeping you posted on this, and you’ll be hearing more in the coming months.

 As we’ve been looking at the issues you’ve been having, there are a few things we’ve noticed you can do in order to make your experience the best it can be, and explain some of what we’re showing you in game.

 F1 2017’s multiplayer is peer-to-peer, and this is because having it peer-to-peer minimises the ping time, (a direct connection is faster than a message being passed via another machine), and it’s a low ping in particular that we’ve found gives you the best experience.  Playing in the same geographical location will really help keep your ping low - Australia is at least 300ms (1/3rd second) latent from the UK and there’s only so much we can do with your connection at that distance!

 When you join a game, you’ll enter the lobby, and you’ll be shown the lobby connection bar – coloured in green, yellow and red. The lobby connection bar shows the worst state of three different measurements for each peer: ping time, bandwidth, as well as connectivity.  You’ll also notice that it takes a while before the bars start filling in, and this is because the connection is being measured in the lobby. If the game is started before this has begun, it’s then assumed that the bandwidth is low (256kbit), and you’ll usually get a warning about voice chat restriction. You’ll also notice that red connectivity bars might be displayed above some cars, these are displayed above a car that is more than 110ms (1/10th second) latent. If it’s constantly on, it’s a slow connection. If it’s flashing on and off, that means we’re getting very infrequent updates. You might also see a car with a red ‘X’ above it, this means that the car in question is getting data that’s more than 500ms (half a second) old, or not getting data at all.

 Whilst the above will explain some what you’ve been experiencing with F1 2017, we are always looking at ways to do better.  As we alluded to earlier, we’re looking to share some news about testing in the coming months – so make sure you keep an eye out for sign-up details.

With that, we hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!



 image.png image.pngimage.png


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