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Force Feedback with Wheels


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Love this game, especially 2017. But in each version I've found the force feedback really lacking. I use the Thrustmaster TX wheel and pedal set, and lack of ff makes this game feel arcady when compared with Project Cars and Forza. Forza 7 has really improved the ff over earlier versions, and hope Codemasters will do the same on 2018.

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  • Pit Crew

I use a TX as well, these are the settings I use. Hope it helps.

Thrustmaster App:

360 degrees rotation (game is also locked at this giving 1:1 input)

10% linearity on the wheel ingame

1% deadzone on the wheel turning in game

1% deadzone on the brakes in game

Settings in-game:

force feedback: 100%

environmental: 100%

wheel weight: 100%

 image.png image.pngimage.png


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