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Evgueni S

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I've been playing F1 2017 for the last couple of month almost every day for some hours a day. I did manage to get consistently within about 1.5 - 3 seconds of the worlds best on Time Trial (which ranges from Top 6% to Top 10%), Ultimate AI drives about 2 seconds a lap faster then I do  and I notice on Multiplayer that when really good guys enter the Lobby, I am about 2 seconds off their pace. So naturally this started annoying me )))) 

Does anyone have any Tips on how to shave off these magical 2 seconds?

I've tried a lot, I watched videos of guys like Limitless, got the consistency but I just can't figure out what exactly makes me whole 2 seconds slower. I do drive with ABS on, but all other assists are off, on a wheel on PS4. At the moment, I still refuse to think that I just suck and have no talent for it, but I am quite close to it ))))

If anyone is nice enough to share experiences, or feel the same way, then please do share, I would really appreciate it.

As an example of one of the revelations I had on my way to "2 seconds behind" was that there is quite a big difference between when you think you brake in the game and when you actually brake when watching a video of your own drive. There is like 20 - 30 meters difference. For example if I want to brake at 100m mark, I have to brake like 30meters before, then when I watch the video, the car brakes at 100m. This might be something all of you guys know from experience, but was something that helped me improve a lot because before I thought I was braking at 100m when actually at about 70m and therefore had to brake a lot more and slow the car down way too much and as result had lower cornering speed.

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