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Hello all!!

I am the Head Admin of F1XL, we are constantly looking for new members! We are a fairly big site and have just finished our tenth season! We're currently sitting at 4 leagues! 

With Season 11 starting at the end of April, we aren't just looking for drivers, we have different roles that we're advertising for, Commentators and Press Team members are examples. 

It isn't just a racing league though, we have a big community with ties to a fantastic FIFA League, @LRPCCeSport, which is Pro Clubs league dedicated to the racing fans. We also host a Rocket League Tournament and take advantage of any other good game that comes out! 

There is also a pre-race build up show called F1XLXtra which is live streamed on a Wednesday night at 19:00 with all the build up for the next race and even the real life F1 news!

We are one of the only Leagues to successfully use just pre-set ups and equal cars. We have a good selection of quick drivers for the die-hard racers and new comers to the game who aren’t that quick.

Important information

Official social races - 8.00 pm Wednesday

Official practice - 8.00 pm Sunday

Official races - 9.00 pm Sunday

Be on the game 5-10 minutes before the session is due to start to receive an invite.

Race distance - 50%

Qualifying - Short

Setups - 5 pre-sets

Weather - Dynamic

Corner Cutting Rules - Strict

Car performance - Equal

Damage - Full

Assists - Player preference

Formation Lap - Off

Manual Starts - On 

Any new driver has to fill out an application which must be approved by the Admin team. A Time Trial has to be completed before the Admin team can confirm the application. These Time Trials are to put drivers into leagues competitive to their own skills.. Once the Admin team have approved the application, the driver will get a racer tag and be cleared to race in the official sessions.

F1XL encourages clean and fair racing at all times!

I hope to see some of you over at www.F1XL.co.uk soon!😎

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