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F1 2018 Season Mod


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Krisdix16 has released a great 2018 Mod for F12017. Download


So this season mod is heavy packed with textures and some higher resolution that the base game. When this is updated it will get bigger and bigger, this requires a high level of PC Power. I would recommend only running F1 2017 when playing, and recording software if you do so.
Currently Language only in English
(Will add more soon)
What is in this Mod:
- 2018 Driver line up (Leclerc, Sirotkink, Gasly & Hartley)
- All 10 Team Liverys
- Currently 18 Helmets
- Updated 2018 Podiums
- Updated Pit lane
- Team Wear and Race Suits
- Updated 2018 Information In Game (2018 team stats)
- New Career Hub team Textures
- New UI (Driver Select, Car Select, Career Selection Etc)
- New Main Menu & Track Loading screens
- 2018 Performance (Pre Season Testing)
- Adding pit crew, pit stands  & garages
How to install:
Like most mods the best thing to do with this is to have a vanilla version (Un modded) before you do anything. This is a drag and drop installation, so just drag the 2017 folder over. Like I said earlier because of how many files there are, you may wan't to consider lowering your graphics if you experience light crashing.
What is light crashing:
Light crashing is the game crashing due to an error that is not caused with the game. More often than not it is down to how much memory you have on you Local disk, how much ram you have and what you have running. The best way to fix this if you get it, restart your computer/ PC and then load up the game. You can do this either before you play the game or when you get the crash.
Myself personally I am using a MSI GT62VR 6RE Laptop
- i7 -6700HQ
-16GB Ram
-Nvidia GTX1070
-4K resolution
-Max Settings
- Currently 36GB Free disk space
I still had some light crashing, other measures can be
taken to improve performance if necessary.
What is next:
This is Version 1.0 the coming updates consist of:
- Replacing the 2017 sponsor boards with F1 TV boards
- Replacing the Rolex writing
- Adding the Heineken Sponsor boards
- Adding Trucks
- Driver faces updates
- Constantly updating performance
- Small tweaks to keep continuity
Support And Fixes:
If you encounter any issues with your game please make sure that you use a clean install. If that does not work then please direct message me about your issue, or post in the support tab. Do not leave a 1* review because of an issue we can work through together.
If you would like to support me check out my Patreon


 image.png image.pngimage.png


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