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European Grand Prix (Valencia) - WET


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Red Bull

Race Type

Front Wing Angle: 11
Rear Wing Angle: 11

Balance: F 47% - R 53%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Standard

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 10

Front Ride Height: 2
Rear Ride Height: 1
Front Spring Stiffness: 7
Rear Spring Stiffness: 4

Gear 1: 137 kph
Gear 2: 166 kph
Gear 3: 192 kph
Gear 4: 218 kph
Gear 5: 247 kph
Gear 6: 278 kph
Gear 7: 315 kph

Mix 2

Camber Front: -3.20
Camber Rear: -1.10
Toe Front: 0.10
Toe Rear: 0.32

Wet / 1:41.0xx / Lap 7 / Mix 2

Braking Assist = off
ABS = on
TC = off
DRL = corners
Gearbox = Auto
Pit Assist = off

Logitech GT Wheel

This was modified from my dry set-up as the race was wet and there weren't any set-ups on here!
The car is very lively, so you need pretty good throttle control (or use TC).
Moving the TOE REAR slider more to the right tends to damp down the responsiveness if you are getting too much wheelspin or you can try with higher REAR ARB which can also help.

Hope this was useful, can't believe no-one else had poted a setting! :-)

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