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F1 2018 Feature List


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This week we have finally been given some features from the new F1 2018 being revealed at E3. Here is what we know so far....... Will update list as we get more features.

Interviews – They will affect career and reputation, can be a showman or a sportsman.
Contacts – Contract negotiations, users can initiate negotiations.  
Halo – Can remove central column of halo in cockpit view.


Tires – 2018’s tire compounds added.
Tracks – 2018’s tracks added. 
ERS – Can manage ERS within the race.
Tire Temp – More important to manage tire temps.
Handling – Improved suspension model.
R&D – Improved R&D system, will reset randomly season to season, lower teams could be top teams in future seasons, should mimic rule regulations. Also rate of development will be quicker.



E3 Interview, Including Gameplay

 image.png image.pngimage.png


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