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Illegal Overtakes


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I was playing online the other night and I had dropped back a bit after a little bother at the start of the race. I was catching up and about mid pack a few of the cars had a little tussle and 3 cars where any how on the grid, I slowed down and weaved my way through the pack however I got 3 illegal overtakes for this. In my eye's I did nothing wrong, the cars where ghosted and they were either off the track of facing the wrong way etc. 

Is this something that has been patched with the day one patch or something I need to watch out for?

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27 minutes ago, James said:

If they were facing the other way and off the track I would imagine a yellow flag would have been shown straight away, and you can not over take any running cars.

So if this happens I have to stop? I appreciate it's a game but it's yellow flags not red flags so they have to wait for passing cars surely.

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