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Tire temps



How to read and adjust your tire temps?

I'm pretty new in this type of game and love it already. Also, I don't have any technical knowledge about cars.

So how to read the tire temps?

What is a good tire temp? When it colors green it's good....... but what is the best °C aim?

And how are middle and exterior related? How close should you try to get both temps?


Thanks and happy driving.

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Green is best, this should be a no-brainer. but if you want numbers I can help to. I looked through the files and found the temp-simulation.

I wont give every value but to give you an overview, here are the temps for every compound where they have 100% grip.


Hypersoft, Ultrasoft and Supersoft: Carcass: 88-100°C, Core: 85-115°C

Soft, Medium, Hard and Superhard: Carcass: 90-102°C, Core: 85-115°C

Inters: Carcass: 69-85°C, Core: 65-87°C

Wet: Carcass: 59-75°C, Core: 55-85°C


If one of the temps is below or above this window the tyre looses grip. A Supersoft that reaches 109°C on the carcass has only 91% of its normal grip but I am not sure what happens above this.

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