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F1 2018 Story


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Decided to start with Sauber against 85% Ai difficulty.

First race got P9 after managing a 2 stopper. Throughout the following races I was consistently in the points. Got P3 at Monaco after the 2 Mercedes and a red bull got took out into turn 1 at start which brought out safety car. Fought my way to P7 then all of a sudden, Vettel retires due to mechanical failure bringing out a 2nd safety car. I decided to pit for fresh US as HS only lasted 10 laps. Fought my way to P4 and with 8 laps to go my team mate LeClerc retires bringing out a 3rd safety car. I decided to stay out whilst half grid pitted. I was leading However, in last 5 laps, I couldn't fend off Raikkonen or Verstappen, so finished P3.


Rolling onto Paul Richard. It was Dry to wet then dry. Decided to start on SS. I was lucky as it started to rain 2 laps after leaders pitted starting on US. I was leading. Pitted for Inters, then to wets. By time I got wets on, I was P5. With 10 laps to go, it was light rain but chances of drying up within 5 laps, a safety car comes out. I pitted for US. Struggled even under SC but kept my cool then leaders pitted the next lap. Was leading, However, Hamilton overtook me as I had a worn engine and barely held of Bottas on last lap after regaining P2 at end of the straight with DRS on last lap and Just made myself big to hold him off in sector 3.


My latest race completion was at Austria. I putted Ai to 95% here after getting to top 5 frequently. After having a big engine and aero upgrades coming along with fresh engine parts. Qualified P5. I just raced like hell. Doing a easy 2 stopper whereas leaders went for 1 stop. Thankfully Alonso retired when I was due my 2nd pit stop with 17 laps to go. So pitted under SC for fresh set of US which I saved from Qualifying. Came out P6 but everyone in front had worn SS. So with 15 Laps to go, I overtook both Mercs and Ferraris and Gasly (Don't ask me how Gasly got so far ahead as don't know how).  Overtook Vettel on Last lap, thanks to the 3 DRS Zones where I overtook him on what officially is Turn 4 but I don't recognise the kink in sector 1 as a 'corner', so I call it turn 3. Vettel couldn't overtake for rest of lap as didn't have the tyre life and I got my first win.

Thats where I am at. Planning on staying at Sauber for season 2, with hopefully going against 100% Ai and try be consistent in the top 5 without relying on people having issues. Only downside of my season so far was a DNF in China after colliding with Hulkenberg into turn 2/3 and lost a wheel due to crashing off track into Barriers.

Hoping to stay in top 10 in constructors championship by end of a season. With hopes of moving to Ferrari at end of season 2 if I perform well enough.

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95% AI difficulty 

Team: Red Bull Aston Martin 

Race 1 Melbourne; 

Was a shakey start to the season and found it very hard to dial the car in as the car was too loose through S2 and too tight in S1 however with a totally dry race it was pretty uneventful and managed to get 3rd

Race 2 Sakhir;

Boy was this an eventful race, car was beautifully dialed in for this race qualified 2nd, but was promoted to pole in parc ferme after Vettel had to replace a gearbox, up on race start however I stalled the car and had to refire it by this stage I found myself at the back of the grid, however after a safety car bunched the grid up again after a crash from hulkenberg and sainz on lap 12 I was able to get back to the top 10 and eventually I ended up back in p3 before another safety car came out due to Hamilton having engine failure with 8 laps to go, under this safety car how ever 14 drivers were disqualified from the race leaving just me, Alonso and vandoorne yo race for 4 laps when the safety car pulled into the pits

Race 3 Shanghai;

Qualified 2nd, dry start to the race but within 2 laps it was raining got a set of inters, rained almost the whole race so it resulted in very little passing and a few safety cars managed to get 1st place for this race

Race 4 Baku;

Qualified 3rd here got an average start to the race was forced wide by Hamilton but held on to stay in 3rd, managed to get past Vettel when he locked up and ran wide on the turn downhill, fast forward to the end of lap 2 I'm right behind Raikkonen make a dive into turn 1 and get him I take the lead if the race, then entering turn 5 my car won't downshift and I have to retire due to gearbox failure (as I couldn't engage reverse or shift below 6th gear)

Currently in FP1 at catalunya 

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