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Confusion about Setups and Understeer



Hi all,

Perhaps  someone here can shed some light on this for me.

I've been doing some practice runs on Australia and tinkering with the setup to get it to my liking. In 2017 I just used to try other people's setups until I found one and stuck with that, but now I want to learn how to do this myself.

However, I am confused about one thing, which is the following: on the default setup at Australia I notice quite a bit of understeer. I fixed this to some degree by setting the front ride height two clicks lower than the rear ride height (5 / 7). Not being completely satisfied yet I decided to resort to Google to find some info on how to reduce understeer.

Obviously I found several websites, the common theme (often) being to soften the front springs or front rollbar. The result being the front being "softer" than the rear.

Here's where the confusion comes in. I've looked at some of the setups posted here for Australia and a lot of them seem to do the exact opposite. Being, the front springs are often firmer than the rear and frequently the same for the rollbar as well.

Doesn't this kind of thing cause more understeer? And if so how do you compensate for it?

Once I get a chance to play some more of the game myself I'm obviously going to try this out myself, but I am genuinely curious and eager to learn how to create my own setups.

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I am in the same situations as you are, so take my infos with a little bit of scepticism. In all games till 2017 I used workshop-setups that felt good and was happy with that but since I now drive with less and less assists I was quickly to realise that I need to change the cars setup to suit my (bad) driving style. This means basically that I have to have an very forgiving rear because I roast the tyres thanks to all the wheelspin.


Now to your question: Firmer springs in the front help me in my setups to have better turn in while the rear is softer to be somewhat easy on the tyres there. Some for anti-roll-bar. I found my sweetspot for the springs at around 7(front) to 3(rear) and anti-roll-bar at 6(f) and 4(r).


For ride hight: as low as possible but high enough that you get over curbs and bumps without problems. I think Melbourne was 5-6 for me because sometimes I use a bit to much curb and it unsettles the car less I feel.

If you have problems with understeer, try to bring the balast back to 7 or 8 and see if that helps.

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