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I was wondering if the AI difficulty has changed since F1 2017. That is because on 2017, i had carrer with Haas and 65 difficulty and I was around the mid-pack, where Haas really was in the 2017 season. Now I used 65 again with McLaren career and managed to qualify 2nd, just +0.158 something behind Hamilton and finishing the race in 4th behind Vet, Ham and Bot. So I was wondering, I can’t be that good to bring a McLaren 2nd so this might have changed. I upped to 70 and jumped into practice in Bahrain, but surprise. In the qualy practice programme, my time was classified as 11th...so can be such a huge difference between 65 and 70 difficulty? 

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8 hours ago, USF1 said:

You definitely have to turn up the difficulty on this game. I had to restart my career twice because it was too easy. I recommend 80.

You don’t have to restart your career to change the difficulty 👍

 image.png image.pngimage.png


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10 hours ago, USF1 said:

Where can I change it then? When I go to race settings at the workstation it's locked. 

Normally after you choose the session in career mode and you are in loading screen you can press START button and you will be able to change difficulty + other options:

P.S: First post ! I'm glad to be in this forum ! 😊😊

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