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APS Racing sign ups open for Season 2 on F1 2018 XBOX

I Pilske I

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Welcome to APS Racing, the league for online racing on Xbox One. Focus on having fun is the most important factor of gaming, we give you that fun included with socializing and being competitive while you do everything to win inside the rules of racing we are an adult league so 18+ only are allowed to drive in our league.

We are excited to announce that we will have 3 divisions in our Equal Leagues In season 2 on F1 2018 F1 & F2 will be held on a Thursday Evening. Along with our F3 Division which will be held on a Sunday. F1 and F2 will be 50% with full qualify, F3 will have 50% race and short qualify, and all divisions will have the same start time of 7.30pm UK time(GMT). This will allow drivers to work there way up and progress and race people at their own competitive level.

We also have a division on Saturday 7.30pm UK time(GMT),with realistic performance cars where we do 100% race distance and short qualify, which allows different levels of racing experience to come together and race in one division.

Like the sound of our leagues come check out our website https://apsracing.jimdo.com/ contact us here for more information, we aim to help all levels of ability gain more experience and race with good clean racing in a good competitive environment.

Placement races for all divisions for season 2 on F1 2018 begin week beginning 25 February 2018. Recruitment has started if you feel you wish to join in season 2 with APS in any of our divisions send us a message with which division you are interested in and the relevant head of the division will get back to you either here or on Xbox if you leave your Gamer-tag information.

We look forward to seeing you on the Track.

APS Racing
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