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Are the setups for different teams that much different?


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Just wondering, do the setups really differ that much from team to team in the game? Most of the setups I see are Mercedes, Red Bull, and Sauber. I use Haas in career mode and it's hard to find good setups for them on here so I usually just make my own. If they're not that much different in the game I'll just start using all of these Sauber setups I see on here! Thanks.

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I believe the set up of a car, mostly, depends on driver style / preference. That being said, the answer to your question is yes. For example, I can drive a Ferrari around Paul Ricard with an aero package of front wing at 1 and rear wing at 4, whereas, driving a Haas I would need to increase front wing to 3 and rear wing to 6 in order to get the car to bite into the corners. My favorite part of this game is finding the right set up! Lately, I haven’t found the one lap speed needed to qualify P1, but my race pace has been superb. My advice is to play with the set up until you find a base set up that fits your driving style and then tinker with it some more in order to find your optimal qualy and race pace.

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