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F1 2018 speed bug


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Hi guys,

I have a question, most of the time when I played online game (PS4) my car speed are slower 20-30km/h compare to other players. I already had a clean race but my lap time gap more than 3 seconds then the others. And barely using 8th gear, how can this be? 

But sometimes there was a time that the car performance are maximum, meaning I can use the 8th gear.

Is there any speed bug in F1 2018 on PlayStation 4? I already email Codemasters and they can not give me an answer regarding this issue. 

Other thing is about Penalty system in this game, I don’t think is fair if someone pushing me off the track and I get the penalty. All of this issue, none of the above Codemasters can explained. 

I think Codemasters does not think this through when they released this game. They better do something to fix this problem, if they want to retain their customers.

If any of you can answer this problem, very much appreciated. 

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