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Looking for a league/club in US


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Fairly casual player, ps4and use the controller (not set up for a wheel but that will come eventually, maybe with 2019)


not slow, but not a front runner at the moment. I am competitive, but tired of lobby races that are mostly bumper cars. 


It is is a game I play to have fun, and have some good racing. 

If there any leagues that can accommodate I would be greatful.


Thank you

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Hey Karter,

  I am in the same boat as you on this subject. I am not front runner either above average ( maybe) at best or at least I think so anyways. I have been racing with one guy thats fast here and there and another guy quite a bit from a pc2 team I am with STR ( sore thumb racing) and is just fast in anything he gets into. What are you racing with against the AI'S? What I mean is what number do you have them set at? I have mine set at 70 on career and his and my races and that needs to go up to at least 75-80 if we keep it the same as it is be honest. he is always in 1st and me to follow in second. Very predictable lmfao

as far as assists go:

70 difficulty

driving line on corner only, traction control set to medium, ABS only (no braking assistance), and pit release set to on where you have to turn off pit limiter off upon crossing the track line, but you have to control your pit entry speed ( if that makes sense) everything else is off I believe. to make it harder even yet him and I are going to turn off the driving corner line off next season. I better start practicing for it now to be honest for braking zones lol.

Tell me a little bit more about what you got going on with the game and maybe we can start some sort of league.(?) like I said I have been looking for one too. We are on American time. I don't know where you are located. It don't matter either way its just a time zone thing on racing. so lmk what you think.

                                                                                                                             Soda Can Dan


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