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China (Shanghai) Wet/Dry Hybrid

Guest saltesc

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Force India

Race Type
Race - Full (56 Laps)
Placed: 1st (+13.450 - 1 Pit Stop strategy)

Front Wing Angle: 5
Rear Wing Angle: 8

Balance: F 49% - R 51%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Standard

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6

Front Ride Height: 4
Rear Ride Height: 3
Front Spring Stiffness: 6
Rear Spring Stiffness: 5

Gear 1: 133 kph | 83 mph
Gear 2: 165 kph | 103 mph
Gear 3: 197 kph | 122 mph
Gear 4: 230 kph | 143 mph
Gear 5: 266 kph | 164 mph
Gear 6: 303 kph | 188 mph
Gear 7: 343 kph | 213 mph

Note: Reduce gears 6 and 7 by a single notch if you expect to not draft or use DRS often during the race.

Fuel Map: Standard (Mix 2)
Fuel: 56 Laps

Camber Front: -3.50
Camber Rear: -1.50
Toe Front: 0.15
Toe Rear: 0.50

Session Weather Tyres and Time
P1: Dry > Damp Prime 1:37.830
P2: Damp Inter 1:38.791
P3: Wet Wet 1:43.112
Q1: Wet > Damp Inter 1:42.016
Q2: Wet > Damp Inter 1:41.764
Q3: Damp Inter 1:37.012
Race: Dry > Light Rain > Wet > Light Rain Optional > Inter 1:34.989 > 1:36.460

China's not a fun track to tune for because it's basically a bunch of high speed straights split up by hairpins and fast turns—which do you tune for?

The most crucial part of this track comes at the exit of turn 12. You want to have your foot planted as soon as possible to power through 13 and onto F1's longest straight with a fine-tuned gear ratio. Succeed with this and you will pass anyone and not be passed (as seen this year where Button was much faster than Rosberg but couldn't pass for many laps despite drafting and with DRS activated). If you can get comfortable with this corner, you'll also notice turns 1 and 2 (a slower and reverse version) being very easy to control and maintain speed through.

As for the hairpins, a high brake pressure slightly to the rear (51-52%) with a suitable front toe will allow for late braking and a vigorous turn in for quick entry and overtakes on the inside line. You will have to maintain a slower pace than others through the apex, but you should be able to power out well with KERS to immediately cover the flaw and it's highly unlikely you will be overtaken providing you stick on the exit line. You will make up for this with the good gear ratio and high-speed stability.

Don't be afraid to bash the ripple strips a bit, especially for turns 9, 10, and 16, but don't make drastic corrective movements until the car has settled or you may spin out—it's likely your car is a little airborne on one side or close to it, you need all 4 wheels planted for big steering movements in China due to the bumpy surface and fairly raised strips.

The only place this set up is vulnerable is turn 6 (use about 40% of KERS exiting), turn 9 (slow down a bit earlier than normal for entry to set up well for 10), and turn 14 (use about 20% of KERS exitting). It excels in turns 1&2, 7, 8, 12&13, and 16 and at passing and maintaining high speed on the 3 straights.

Final Thoughts:
I was cursed with sporadic conditions and if you get a similar situation in China (might be likely) this set up will work well. Otherwise, it's a good set up to base off for both dry and wet conditions, so tweak with alignments and anti-rollbars and you should find a sweet spot for your driving style. I'm not a very good driver with a wet tracks or damaged wing/tyres, etc. (I love teh gripz) but I still pulled out a very good dry time on race day. On top of that I was very impressed with my performance in the rain, though most of it was Light Rain a.k.a. Damp conditions, not full Wet.

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