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Drag Racing League [XBOX ONE]


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Just started a new league for the new F1 2019 game, very excited for the game and wanted to create a fair and fun league to make the game more enjoyable. The races will take place on Saturday at 8 PM GMT starting on either the 29th June or the 6th July depending on drivers opinions. If there is enough demand we will start an f2 league, due to this reason if you're are interested in joining we will need you to do your best time trial lap on Monaco so we can judge your pace and decided what league you're best suited to. Please add drag.racing.league on Instagram with a photo of your time trial results if you would like to join. Each season will be 7 races long but will still follow the regular track order, eg Season 1 Australia-Canada Season 2 France-Italy Season 3 Singapore-Abu Dhabi, etc this way we can keep the new and old players interested as new players won't always be so far behind on points. Thanks for reading!! Forgot to mention all assists are allowed apart from pit assists and manual start 🙂

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