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PS4 Pad Driving



Hi all,

normally I am just a reader and try to work with your setups, which really helps! Thanks for all the efforts here. But now I have to ask you guys a question, e.g. Mexico GP is pretty "simple" I have to say, so I used a setting from this Setup page, worked best for the Sauber which I use at the moment in my career. I would say I am a good driver, had a little break from F1 games now which was nice, but it is also nice to be back now. My first F1 game was Grand Prix 2, I think some users remember this awesome game :) my last one F1 2010 and in between the EA Sports F1 games. - so you see I have some experience and know what I am talking about. But now I have to ask, how can it be, that other PS4 Pad users are driving up to 6sec better / lap than I do? I push the car to the limit, take the curbs as best as possible, still I am not able to even come close to your results here. I do not even know where to start and look for mistakes, as there are those perfect laps. Or let`s take Monaco, I cannot see improvement where to get 5 seconds deficit as my lap was not bad.

I use the Nacon Revolution Pad, Cockpit view cam

Sure I understand with a wheel and without "help" you can make it faster, that is why I look on the setup page extra if this time was made with a wheel or a pad.

Any chance that I get some help from pad users how to improve my speed?

Thanks, and feels good to be back in a F1 game :) 

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