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Haas Fuel & ERS



Started my career with Haas, but both fuel economy and ERS usage are so worse..

when having ERS at 2, I lose about 5% battery every lap, no matter what track i’m driving. Also have to overfuel my car by at least +0,5 to make it to the end without losing too much pace over the laps. 


Anyone else having this struggle? Just curious haha

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just +0.5 wow

i´m driving with Alfa Romeo and i have to overfuel it by +1 or up to +1.5-8 bcs of the ussage of the rich mix at overtaking

well the ERS usage in the Alfa is okay i would say unless the part of the engine is not worn out like crazy bcs then it takes a lot of time even in ERS 1 mode to collect enought to go up into 2nd mode

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