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Fuel & ERS on max for quali


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This question is for the career players, Do any of you manage to get really fast lap times in Quali with both fuel mix and ERS set to max and hotlap respectively for the whole lap, I struggle to get really competitive lap times with both set to max settings. I've noticed this during new game and couple of previous  f1 games!

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It depends about the track and the engine. For example I just started a career with Mclaren and in my hot lap if I let Ers on 5 for the whole, the battery will be empty just few meters before the finish line, so I try to put it on mode 3 at the beginning on the 2nd sector, the slow part. On some tracks you can use ERS Max for the whole lap and even use it in mode 4 to increase you speed on some straight, like Bakou 

(Hope I didn't destroy english grammar too much)

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