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Please help me on Break issues


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Try to brake earlier and don't push the pedal to the medal. When the car gets slower release the brake step by step.

The faster the car is the harder you can break. For example at Monza you can push the pedal full at the beginning. In Monaco i never break full, 80 percent at max with a break pressure at 74.

The best bia is between 52 and 56 for me.

And keep in mind: slow in, fast out!

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It’s also worth going into the wheel or controller calibration settings and checking how it is functioning.

I had to turn down the sensitivity of my pedals as it was all or nothing with the slightest touch, some people playing with pads find the pad triggers are not fully functioning due to wear and tear so even with a fully depressed trigger you may only be hitting 70% on the brake and throttle.

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