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Career mode driver movement


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I'm just curious what other racers have seen as far as driver movement in there career.  After round 9 France, I renewed my contract with Toro Rosso and the driver movement was as follows:

Kyvatt to Renault replacing Hulkenburg (Kyvatt was not on the grid prior as I was in his seat)

Hulkenburg to Racing Point replacing Stroll, Stroll is out


Prior to resigning with STR, I shut the autosave off and took a sneak peek at Red Bull.  If I had signed with the senior team the movement would have been:

Me to Red Bull replacing Gasley

Gasley to Toro Rosso replacing me

Kyvatt to Renault replacing Hulkenburg 

Hulkenburg to Racing Point replacing Stroll, Stroll is out


What kind of movement have you seen?  Please share  


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Alright, 89 views and no response so I'll pitch in. Especially since what happened in my career is inexplicable. Quick note. This is my first driving game since playing iRacing in about 2012. I am LOVING this game and am pretty much addicted. Except that I'm married and can't play as much as I'd like. I wouldn't want my wife to even know how much I DO want to be playing too. Ugh.

End of season 1, I'm still at Red Bull as #2 to Max. I've reworded and reordered what the game says for better understanding. At least to me :)

Haas: Grosjean has been let go.

Kimi to Haas replacing Grosjean

Vettel to Alfa to replace Kimi (!)

Stroll to Ferrari to replace Vettel (!)

LeClerc to Racing Point to replace Stroll (!)

Gasly to Ferrari to replace LeClerc (!)

Okay, as nuts as this all looks, it's both less nuts and more nuts when early in season two Alfa Romeo has far surpassed all of us in terms of performance. IIRC like 100 points ahead of 2nd fastest. It's as if Alfa Romeo is really Ferrari but misnamed and that's why Vettel went to Alfa. Sad to say Alfa blowing by everyone in the off season is not realistic at all but I've gotten over it and it's kind of fun to see Vettel hauling ass in an Alfa and getting podiums.




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For me it was mid season 1

Hülkenberg to Red Bull replacing Gasly

Gasly to Renault replacing Hülkenberg

That was all that happened in the first season but the beginning of the 2nd season was a little bit nuts 


Me to Mercedes replacing Bottas

Bottas to Toro Rosso. Butler has been let go! 

Verstappen to Toro Rosso replacing Albon

Giovinazzi signed up to Red Bull replacing Verstappen

Albon to McLaren. Norris has been let go

Kvyat signed up to Alfa Romeo replacing Me


I'm mid season 2 so maybe there will be some changes in season 3 but so far the R&D charts are nuts too. Red Bull is now 3rd from the bottom and Ferrari only 5th or 6th while Haas is now 2nd, Williams 3rd and Torro Rosso 4th 



I´m now Mid-Season 3 and the Following Driver moves happened at the Start of Season 3

Kubica signed up to Mercedes-AMG replacing Me

I´m moving to Red Bull replacing Hülkenberg

Hülkenberg moves to Ferrari and replacing Vettel

Vettel moves to Williams and replaces Russel

Russel moves to Racing Point replacing Perez

Perez moves to Haas. Grosjean has been let go


Now another Driver move happened Mid-Season

Leclerc moves to Red Bull and replaces Giovinazzi

Giovinazzi moves to Ferrari and replaces Leclerc

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