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Can't see friends time trial times



Playing on the PS4, I have times set on most tracks, and can only see the best time for my friends on maybe one or two tracks.  I know they have times for most tracks as well.  They are only able to see my times on one or two tracks as well.  Any help on what I can do to see the times for all tracks?  thanks

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I'm on PS4 as well and I have noticed that only one of a few friends has times in some of the Time Trials, but not all them.  I never really put much thought into it other than I thought it was odd other people don't do them.  But now that you have pointed it out, the one friend who's times I see on some of the tracks has legit times registered with-in the top 1500 on the tracks I see his times.  I'm wondering if that could be why?  Is that the same for you?


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