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Everything you need to know about the new "My Team" feature. Codies have released more information about the latest feature form F1 2020 also including footage from the game.



My Team – an exciting new feature for F1® 2020. And we’re here to tell you all about it. First, it’s time for our trailer:


What is My Team?

My Team is a major new feature for F1® 2020, and a first for the F1® franchise.  Alongside the well-established and much-loved Career mode, you’ll be able to experience F1® 2020 as a driver-manager, and it’s going to offer you a unique insight into the world of F1®. You’ll be able to create your own team, join the 2020 F1® line-up and go for glory.


Here’s where it gets exciting. You’ll start by choosing your driver, and your car - building a unique visual identity and brand by picking a livery, creating your own colour scheme and setting up your team logo.

Next, you’ll be choosing your initial sponsors, engine supplier and teammate.



In My Team you’ll always want to get the best driver for your budget, so bear that in mind when choosing who’s going to be in the garage next to you. Using our comprehensive driver rating system, you’ll be able to choose your teammate from the 2019 F2 grid. Once you get some wins under your belt though, the F1® drivers start to fit into your budget.


Driver Market

How do you choose your teammate? Who’s best? Enter our brand-new driver market. Using this, you’ll be able to compare F1® and F2 drivers based on Experience, Racecraft, Awareness and Pace, alongside their market value and the level of Acclaim (we’ll talk about this later) they bring to the team. All stats and driver skills are built from comprehensive real-world data from the past five F1® and F2 seasons. Seriously. There’s some serious maths that have gone into this!

You can see the starting values for drivers right here – they are dynamic so they will change as you play My Team and evolve as the real-life season progresses.



Facing The Media

Livery? Check. Sponsor? Check. It’s time for your first interview. Be careful how you answer, your responses will affect your team, your acclaim, and your facilities. Once finalised, your car will be shown off to the world.




With everything picked, first interview aced, it’s time to check out your team! Your facilities are the lifeblood of your team, so invest in them, look after them, and they’ll see you winning World Championships in no time. Each facility is a department within your team and each has multiple areas that can be levelled up. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Aerodynamics

The wind tunnel is there to get you ahead with your aerodynamics.



  • Powertrain

Investing here will give your engine more oomph.



  • Chassis

The chassis facility allows you to make developments in weight reduction, weight redistribution, tyre wear and brakes.



  • Durability

Want your car to go further, and be more reliable? You’ll need durability.



  • Personnel

Otherwise known as the sim 😉. Here’s where you’ll be training your drivers and improving their performance.



  • Marketing

The Marketing department is there to find ways to promote the team, find new sponsors and get you more revenue.



You’ll also need to manage your team’s resources and time during the week and make sure they’re properly motivated. The season timeline shows the events coming-up which play through and will boost performance. There are pros and cons to team activities, so sending a driver to fitness camp could have a knock-on effect such as less time dedicated to sponsors. You’ll also need to balance upgrading and managing your facilities, otherwise you might need to temporarily shut down one or more of your facilities to help save money. This action will have consequences, so make sure you’re doing this only when necessary.



It’s time to take your place as the 11th team on the grid, driving the car you’ve developed throughout the F1® season. There’s no room for inner-team rivalries when you’re also the team boss. Both you and your teammate need to be on their A game, in order to get the best results possible.




Acclaim is everything in My Team – the more you have, the more will be open to you. Drivers and teams both have Acclaim, as a driver the more you have, the more your salary will increase. The more Acclaim you and your team earn, the better the sponsorships and opportunities. Whatever drivers earn is added to their team’s Acclaim, and with that comes more sponsorship and opportunities. All this makes it easier to upgrade your facilities, giving you the edge. Each facility has its own research and development tree you can explore and upgrade using Resource Points – and putting it all together you can upgrade your facilities, develop your car, and make your team World Champions.



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