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Renault R.S.20 2020


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Renault R.S.20 2020

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Skin mod for F1 2020
Copy Paste and ERP version included
Tested on V1.03

This mod contains the Renault R.S.20 livery.

Just use the Copy Paste installation or the Ego ERP Archiver (7.0 or higher). Don't forget to backup your game!

Quick guide for the Copy Paste installation:

To backup your game:
Make a copy of your 'F1 2020' game folder (usually you can find it here: c:/program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common). In case the mod is broken or interferes with othere mods, you can use your backup.

To install the mod:
Copy and paste my 'F1 2020' folder into your 'common' file and overwrite all files. Finished.



In case of a problem, PM me, please NOT REVIEWS.

This mod can interfere with other skin mods and cause problems for the game! In this case, use your backup and then manually install the mod (ERP installation).

I hope you'll like this mod!



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