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Logitech G29 wheel rotation ?



I'm using a logitech G29 wheel on F1 2020 on PS4 set to 360 degrees. This seems prefect when game is off, I can turn the wheel lock to lock with both hands on the wheel. But during the game, this same amount of wheel turn (2 hands on wheel until arms cross) doesn't get the wheel locked, so in order to make very tight turns I must take a hand off the wheel and continue turning the wheel hand over hand like in a real car. The real issue is then trying to quickly straighten the wheel in a controlled manner, it's extremely easy for the car to go flying across the track during this wheel straightening process often causing a crash. I've played with saturation setting but it doesn't seem to help. Would reducing the 360 degrees setting help? I've watched 3-4 wheel setup videos and all have this set to 360 degrees so I'm curious how others solve this issue.


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