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An Idiot's guide to Modding F1 2020


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Hello all,

With the addition of My Team in this years game and being fairly computer savvy, I thought I'd give a go at creating some custom stuff for use myself. However, of the guides I could find, alot missed key points and things that could have save me hours. I've now completed for now this project which includes all pit and crew wear and custom vehicle and helmet design. Now with this complete, hopefully to help anyone out there wanting to tinker themselves done a series of idiot's guides to finding and exporting game files, making custom designs and then applying them in game.

They can be found on my youtube, but be warned I'm no pro content creator at all and it is an idiots guide for those wanting to create something fully bespoke.

Rikadin's Idiots Guide to Modding F1 2020 the Game (playlist)




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Thank you :)


It's now a playlist, so far covering car liveries, team badges, pitcrews, team wear and also (after some late night tinkering in the game directories) pit furnitures and items including custom screen displays for practice and quali.


It's all within a single playlist over on youtube -

F1 2020 An Idiots Guide to Modding Playlist



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