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F1 2021 Wishlist


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Happy New Year!!

Hopefully we will get a full F1 season this year and with winter testing just around the corner there is no better time to start the 2021 Wishlist.


  • More interaction with Team Mate, setup sharing, teamwork etc.
  • More communication with race engineer.
  • Winter Testing
  • Debris / Marbles 
  • Track marshals, ie removing crashed cars or even cleaning up track debris.

 image.png image.pngimage.png


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Similar to last years post, i'd really love some of the tracks from your earlier games added to the game or if that's not possible patches so we can use modern wheels with those early games, i've tried but can't get them to work properly. 

As an old fart that started my love of sim racing in the mid 1980's with geoff crammonds first ever game "Revs" on the BBC micro I've now slowed down and my reactions and coordination isn't what it was so I'd really like a change to the invincible aid so it only works for the first lap of a race, I just struggle getting through the first few corners without damage until everything settles down, but I don't want it on all the while.

I'm not too bothered by more immersion like track marshals, but more interaction with the team during weekends and things that affect driving such as debris and more problems with the car that you have to drive around and not ones that disappear after a couple of laps, including retirements

Also can get rid of the questions about other teams in the interviews and go back to being able to choose if we want a rival or not, instead of having to constantly refuse to answer the question

And finally please don't let EA's greed ruin the game.


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