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Motorsport Manager Online - List of Strategies


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Here is a list of possible driver strategies, can be the difference between a win and comes first of the losers.

Strategy Name Tier Unlock Description
Perfect Race Start   +75 to the driver's Race Start, Overtaking and Speed stats for the first lap of the race.
Micro Repairs   Automatically recieve +15% reliability from every pitstop without adding any time. All pit stops are 25% faster.
Qualifying Boost   Qualifying: +20
Wheelgun Training   Tyre Changes: 50% faster, -0.5 secs per lap
Aggressive Strategy   -0.5 secs per lap, Tyres Wear 15% slower, Starting Energy -2 laps, Overtaking: +25
Compact Chassis   Overtaking: +25, Energy Efficiency: -15, Qualifying: +10
Pitstop Mastery   Every pitstop: 75% faster
Softs Setup   Soft tyres are 1 second a lap faster
Hards Setup   Hard tyres are 1 second a lap faster. + 50 Race Starts
Super Conserve   Super Conserve becomes a driving style available to the driver
Power ERS   Power ERS provides a short speed boost when activated. Recharges over time.
Wet Handling   When track is wet: -3 secs per lap
Mediums Setup   Medium tyres are 1 second a lap faster. +25 Race Starts
One-Stop Strategy   The driver's first pitstop of the race is 75% faster and all tyres wear 15% slower until the first pitstop is made.
Efficient Chassis   On First 2 Laps: No Energy Burn, No Red Zone
Number 1 Driver   +6 to all of the drivers stats. -3 to all of their teammate's stats.
Traffic Setup   -1 sec per lap, +15 to driver's Overtaking stat when not in first place, Energy Burn Rate reduced by 25% and tyres wear 15% faster
Super Attack Tier 4 Class G Super Attack becomes a driving style available to the driver.
Reliable Body Tier 4 Class G Reliability: maximum
Final Push Tier 4 Class F When in the Red Zone: +30 Overtaking and -1.75 seconds per lap
Powertrain Tuning Tier 4 Class E Removes the Red Zone from the car's powertrain
Tyre Training Tier 4 Class D +50 to the driver's Smoothness stat. -25 to the driver's Overtaking stat.
Hybrid Mode Tier 4 Class C The Hybrid ERS freezes fuel consumption when activated. Recharges over time.
Push To Pass Tier 4 Class B A long-lasting power mode which doesn't recharge.
Defence Mode Tier 4 Class A When activated, the driver recieves +50 defending.
Attack Mode Tier 5 Class I A power boost charged by driving through a specific zone.
Undercut Tier 5 Class D On out lap: No Tyre Wear, +75 Overtaking and +75 Speed
Clean Air Setup Tier 5 Class B When in 1st Place: Energy burns 25% slower, Tyres Wear 25% slower, Defending: +15, -0.25 secs per lap
Perfect Finish Tier 6 Class D On final lap:-10 secs per lap, no Tyre Wear, +75 Overtaking, +75 Race Speed
Experimental Hybrid Tier 6 Class A Freezes fuel consumption while reducing reliability by -1 per second when active. Doesn't need charging.
Bootstrap Power Tier 6 Class A A super-charged Power Mode which removes 10 reliability when triggered.


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