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F1 2021 Beta


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Codies today have started excepting beta tester sign ups on their forum, LINK





What is a BETA Program:

‘Beta’ is a standard term to denote a milestone release during production in which game functionality is included and optimised (but may have bugs), game content is finished (but may have some implementation errors), and which is considered nearly complete. A key part of the BETA process is to report issues based on the objectives the developers set. This may be certain modes, certain tests or things for you to try out and report any issues to us.

Reporting, discussions and competitions will be ran EXCLUSIVELY through the forum page, with the 2021 BETA having its own forum for members-only. Following on from last years success, we will be improving our events held in the BETA to get people racing together and having fun out on track, as well as helping us improve the game,

We also will be a running a number of surveys throughout the various tests (we will have a number of staged tests with different objectives for each) to gain player feedback. For 2021, we will be having Multiplayer available from the start of the test, as we will be aiming for as many full lobbies as possible to test Multiplayer.

How to apply:

How to find the application for the BETA is below:

  •  Go to the top right of your profile page, and select 'Profile' under the 'content' section of the page.
  •  At the top of your profile, select the 'edit profile' section.
  •  Scroll down to the 'BETA 2021 Application Form' and ensure you complete all sections in full, agreeing to the terms at the bottom of the form.



 image.png image.pngimage.png


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