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F1 2020 Improved dirty air for more battles


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F1 2020 Improved dirty air for more battles

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This mod brings fresh feelings to the monotonous gameplay, increasing the amount of fighting and action. Much more overtaking and long wheel-to-wheel battles are guaranteed.

Video example:
Aarava used the same dirty air parameters in MyDriver career in F1 2019. Just imagine this in F1 2020.

Works in:
-My Team & Driver career(including already started ones)
-Grand Prix
-Game v.1.18

-Mods not works in multiplayer (online).

Included options:
-For modern F1 cars only
-With default and realistic damage
-With indestructible player team car in MyTeam mode(if you want it)

Installation: copy "2020_asset_groups" into main game folder - Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2020

Files for copy-paste incompatible with installed skin mods. Here are instruction on how to combine this mod with skin mods:




1.Install skin mod first.
2.Download Ego ERP Archiver 7.1 or newer here:

Ego ERP Archiver by Petar

If you do not want to pay, then click little line "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"
3.Open folder Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2020\2020_asset_groups\f1_2020_vehicle_package\teams and find erp file of each team.
For example Ferrari: Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2020\2020_asset_groups\f1_2020_vehicle_package\teams\ferrari\wep\ferrari.erp
4.Open erp file in Ego ERP Archiver, in tab Xml files - click .vtf file (for example ferrari.vtf), click xml files -> import, and choose xml file from mod. Mercedes.vtf located into Common.erp, not in Mercedes.erp.


5.Save and repeat for each team.


6.Enjoy. Good luck !



Edited lines:

Dirty air (all options):
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleLift value="1.7" />
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleDrag value="0.85" />

Option with realistic damage:
<SpeedThreshold value="1.5" />
<FrontDamageScale value="1.00" />
<RearDamageScale value="1.00" />
<WheelDetachScale value="1.000000" />
<PartsDetachScale value="0.75" />
<SpeedThreshold value="2" />
<DamageScale value="0.0001" />
<ChassisDamageMultiple value="0.9" />
<SideDetachScale value="0.25" />
<FullDetachScale value="0.5" />

Option with indestructible MyTeam car:
<SpeedThreshold value="7" />
<FrontDamageScale value="0.001" />
<RearDamageScale value="0.0001" />
<WheelDetachScale value="1000.000000" />
<PartsDetachScale value="1000.0" />
<SpeedThreshold value="3" />
<DamageScale value="0.0001" />
<ChassisDamageMultiple value="0.8" />
<SideDetachScale value="1000.5" />
<FullDetachScale value="1000.99" />

If you want to make your car indestructible in My team mode:

1. Copy files from the desired option first - with normal or realistic damage.
2. After this copy files from "Indestructible MyTeam car - optional" folder.
3. Done, your car indestructible against AI except punctures.
It's affect to your teammate too.

How to easy delete any mods:

Steam have special option for it.

Click on game by right mouse button in Steam library - choose Properties - Local files - Verify integrity of local files. After this Steam will start checking game files and will restore modded files to originals.


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