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Fantasy Season Mod 2021

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Fantasy Season Mod 2021

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Thank so much to @ParkYongLee for give me the permission for use their 'Modular Mods' to perform this mod, all the credits for can put the FOM chasis in this mod are of @ParkYongLee so Thank you so much!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is NOT compatible with most other copy and paste mods. If you want to play myteam with your own team you have to import manually the textures with the EGO ERP.

Instructions are inside the rar. Read the text 'IMPORTANT-README' inside the rar to know how to install this mod. 


Fantasy Season Mod 2021 completely changes the experience when playing F1 2020. 
It includes an infinity of new features, among which are:

- 10 New Teams
 (All replaced w/FOM cars due to the limits)
- New logos for every single team.
- Drivers has all changed (Driver suit, helmets, gloves, boots, etc)
- Garage and pitlane elements, Pit crew, Racecrew, Offices, Trucks, Motorhome, Monitors and more!
- New safety car with purple colour and Phoenix.
- New sound (Optional) that includes V8 sound.
- New videos and pictures in the menus.
- Realistic Showroom with logos in the screen pictures and descriptions.
- Logos in the Broadcast (Fantasy Season mod)
- Change the Team Names with different files for Cheat Engine (DX11/DX12)(ENG/ESP)

- Some much more features inside, discover them for yourself!

It is strictly forbidden to take parts of this mod/edit for your own use or use to make other mods. Respect content creators. As well as the sale or re-upload of it to another portal.

If you want to support us for continue working in this type of mods is really appreciate the donation, but is not obligatory it is always well received to keep improving.

Thank you guys you are awesome!

Fsm 1.jpgFsm 2.jpgFsm 3.jpgFsm 4.jpgFsm 5.jpgFsm 6.jpgFsm 7.jpgfsm 8.jpgfsm8.jpglobato2.jpgOFFICES.jpgPITCREW.jpg444.jpg


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