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Monaco Grand Prix 2021 Wet

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  • Pit Crew

Team: Mercedes

Lap Time: 1:22.195

Race Mode: Time Trial

Weather: Wet

Controller Type: Wheel

Front Wing Aero: 11
Rear Wing Aero: 10

Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 60%
Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 54%

Suspension Geometry 
Front Camber: -2.50
Rear Camber: -1.00
Front Toe: 0.05
Rear Toe: 0.20

Font Suspension: 1
Rear Suspension: 2
Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 1
Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 6

Brake Pressure: 100%
Front Brake Bias: 56%

Front Right Tyre Pressure: 23.8%
Front Left Tyre Pressure: 23.8psi
Rear Right Pressure: 21.9psi
Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.9psi

 image.png image.pngimage.png


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Team: Mercedes/My Team

Lap Time: 1:23.794


Race Mode: Time Trail/My Team

Weather: Dry


Controller Type: Wheel



Front Wing: 11

Rear Wing: 11



Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 52%

Differential Adjustment Off Throttle: 50%


Suspension Geometry:

Front Camber: -3.00°

Rear Camber: -1.5

Front Toe: 0.12°

Rear Toe: 0.35°



Front Suspension: 1

Rear Suspension: 4

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 3

Front Ride Height: 2

Rear Ride Height: 6



Brake Pressure: 90%

Brake Bias: 55%



Front Right Tyre Pressure: 22.2psi

Front Left Tyre Pressure: 22.2psi

Rear Right Tyre Pressure: 22.7psi

Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 22.7psi


If your tires overheat just lower the pressures. If they are too low just increase them.

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