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Introducing ICE Racing Competition (F1 2021 League) [PC Only / Saturday League]

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Introducing ICE Racing Competition
[PC Only / Saturday league]
ICE is a European based F1 2021 league run and made by drivers. Here at ICE we take pride in all we do. We have created a league that is friendly for everyone.
As long as you're a capable driver who drives clean, you're even welcome to drive a car!
What do we offer at ICE?
🌟 》We provide extremely high quality league races for everyone in our community. This is possible thanks to an self-composed objective FIA who conduct investigations in collaboration with the FIA Incident Center, we have 5+ stewards who will continuously watch during the race, to make sure everything is fair.
🌟 》There are currently a lot of places available in the drivers section, these places won't be available for very long as the demand is increasing exponentially.
🚔 | We offer an objective FIA that in collaboration with the FIA Incident Center, handles all complaints about other drivers and issues the necessary penalties. We also have several stewards who continuously watch during the race and qualifying to make sure everything is going well.
🌟 》Fast growing league
🌟Objective leadership
🏦 | ICE Racing Competition works as a democracy, a few days before every race there are a number of polls to determine how the race and qualifying will go. For example; short qualification or long qualification?
We believe this is the best way to create satisfaction and inclusivity within the leugue between drivers and the management team.
JOIN OUR DISCORD TODAY! (This is also the place to sign up!)
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