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Some new cool features also included with Patch 1.12


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New Feature – Multiplayer – Esports Pit Release Option

The esports pit release option is a highly requested feature from the F1® Esports Pro Series. We are delighted to make this option available to you. You can find this within the simulation settings when hosting your lobby, under “Unsafe Pit Release”. Due to the interactions that will take place, this has been limited to multiplayer only.

The “Unsafe Pit Release” option means that your pit crew will not wait for a safe release gap in the pit lane before getting you back into the action. If you are released into the path of an oncoming car, you will be ghosted to not impede another driver’s race. At the pit exit, any intersecting cars will be separated at the pit lane limiter line. Teammates will still need to stack if they are entering the pits at the same time.


Multiplayer – Timeout for Multiplayer lobbies

We know that a multiplayer lobby can occasionally get stuck while waiting for everyone to load into the next session or return from a race.  We’ve added a timer to ensure this no longer happens. This means that if someone doesn’t load in before the timer runs out, they’ll be removed from the session, and the other drivers will head out on track without them.

We’ve added this to improve your multiplayer experience and get you back into the racing action as soon as possible. 


Social Play Templates

Get to grips with the newest circuit to hit F1® 2021 with an entire playlist filled with non-stop Imola. Head to Social Play, select ‘Imola 24/7’ and start racing. There’s no need to worry about damage or crashing out while you get to know the track as collisions are set to ‘off’. Combined with One-Shot qualifying and 5-lap races, you’ll constantly be in the action.

Portimao and Imola have also been added to both the Beginner and Experienced Drivers playlist track rotation, so look out for them in there too.


 image.png image.pngimage.png


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