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Jeddah ready to download!


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The final track has been added to F12021!




Welcome to Jeddah: the newest and fastest street circuit to race onto this year’s calendar. With average speeds estimated to exceed 250km/h, this is your chance to take on the Saudi circuit in F1® 2021 before the drivers head there in December.

Built on the shoreline of the Red Sea, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is the second-longest circuit on the calendar (with only Spa-Francorchamps being longer) and sports more corners than any other track this year.

So that’s the circuit. Let’s take you on a flying lap.


After the lights go out, it’s a sprint to the first turn, a left-right mini chicane, followed by a series of corners designed to test the mettle of even the greatest driver. Next, turn 13’s banked, long, left-handed hairpin, which could become one of the spectacular sights of the circuit, ahead of the fast, flowing second half of the track. It wraps up with the sweeping corners of turns 25 and 26, sandwiched between a lagoon and the Red Sea, and the final turn 27, before speeding across the start/finish straight to finish the lap in style.


There will be a few overtaking places, with the home straight to turn one being top of the list. Coming out of the fastest parts of the circuit, aided by two DRS zones between turns 24, 25, and after the last corner, you’ll have a great opportunity to overtake your rivals. We also expect the banked hairpin at turn 13 to be a perfect place to set up a move too, just make sure you’re not carrying too much speed as you enter the corner.


As with the previous two additional circuits, you’ll be able to select Jeddah immediately in Time Trial, Grand Prix, Real-Season Start, and online. If you’re in the middle of a Career save, you won’t need to start again: whether in My Team or Driver Career, Jeddah will appear for selection in your next season.


You can get to grips with the fastest street circuit in F1® 2021 with a playlist dedicated to non-stop Jeddah. Just go to Social Play, hit ‘Jeddah 24/7’, and start racing. There’s no need to worry about damage or crashing out as collisions will be set to ‘off’. Combined with One-Shot qualifying and 5-lap races, you will get to know Jeddah in no time.



 image.png image.pngimage.png


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