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Hockenheim - Germany (Dry)

Guest Hamer

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Guest Hamer

I believe could go under 1.15 with this setup for BMW Sauber, just don't step on a gas in hairpins kerbs:

Car : Sauber Track: Hockenmheim TC: Med ABS: On Setup: my_2

Front Wing Angle: 8
Rear Wing Angle: 2

Balance: F 51% - R 49%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Standard

Ballast Distribution: F 50% - R 50%
Front Anti-roll Bar: 6
Rear Anti-roll Bar: 6

Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 1
Front Spring Stiffness: 10
Rear Spring Stiffness: 3

Gear 1: 137 kph
Gear 2: 156 kph
Gear 3: 186 kph
Gear 4: 217 kph
Gear 5: 251 kph
Gear 6: 286 kph
Gear 7: 321 kph

Throttle map: Standard
Fuel: na

Camber front: -1.50
Camber rear: -3.00
Toe front: 0.11
Toe rear: 0.35

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Guest Angelmaker13

I have done a low 1:13 in TT. I'm now great racer but manage to get good TT's. My main problem is that for the races (as I race with tyre ware and fuel on) is that my set ups are very heavy on the tyres.
In race i am getting very low 1:18's to high 1:17's Quali time is about 1:16.5##

I will post my set up when my xbox is on later.

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missed info
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I am driving Force India car with ABS on fuel sim, tyres sim on but then i am clocking 1.28 with the above setup please does anyone can help me with it.

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