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Monaco Grand Prix Wet


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  • 3 months later...
torro rosso
Game Mode
Front Wing Angle: 9
Rear Wing Angle: 8
Balance: F54% - R46%
Pressure: Medium
Brake Size: Standard
Front Anti-Roll Bar:5
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 5
Front Ride Height: 2
Rear Ride Height: 2
Front Spring Stiffness:3
Rear Spring Stiffness:3
Fuel Map: Mix2
Camber Front: -2.60
Camber Rear: -0.60
Toe Front: 0.07
Toe Rear: 0.26
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  • 3 months later...

Team: Red Bull

Time: 1:27.133

Tyres: Wet

Front Wing Angle: 11
Rear Wing Angle: 10

Balance: F 51% - R 49%
Pressure: Medium
Brake Size: Standard

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 3

Front Ride Height: 11
Rear Ride Height: 11
Front Spring Stiffness: 1
Rear Spring Stiffness: 1

Camber Front: -3.00
Camber Rear: -1.00
Toe Front: 0.10
Toe Rear: 0.35


For the wet conditions during the race and qualifying, it was really difficult to manage to get a very good set up without just spinning the rears. Practice was mostly bone dry until about before the end, so managed to put 5 laps in on inters  but wasn't really relevant as it was heavy rain for all of qualifying and the race. Tyre wear was good as I managed to do 2 laps longer. Managed to do 42 laps on the first stint which gave me 36 laps for second stint. Looking back it after the first stop, I could of done another lap or even 2 but would of effected my time by around 1 second if not more. Towards end of the first stint, I did start to have the rear end sliding through the sharp slow turns like with turns: 1,6,7,11 and 18.

Also, I finished in first with Nico Rosberg in second and he was 25 seconds.

There is room for improvements with driving technique but not bad in general. 


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